LSA Sales
Our company produces and sells:
  • Large full of color LED screens Large, full of color LED screens
  • LED screens bi-color) LED screens (bi-color)
  • Lightweight and ultrathin LED screens Lightweight and ultrathin LED screens
  • Illumination and oval shape equipment Illumination and oval shape equipment
  • Mobile LED screens Mobile LED screens - area up to 30 m² and over

  • LED information boards
    (used in airports, metro / railway stations)

  • Digital Boards Digital Boards
    (perimeters, score boards)

  • LED strips
    (using for decoration or illuminations)
  • Bespoke LED products
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Professional Led Screens
This offer is aimed at the most demanding clients, who appreciate high quality and reliability of the product.
AG-LSA is the most popular and sought-after type of LED screen. High quality components guarantee its superb performance even in adverse weather conditions. It is specially designed product dedicated to system LINSN II Generation. It is currently a top product on the European market. This LED screen type has undergone numerous laboratory and field tests aimed at eliminating possible technical faults. The final product performs very well even in severe weather conditions. AG-LSA
Screen type AG-CLSA is recommended for locations with high sun exposure. Very bright LEDs are used to achieve beautiful colours. These LED screens are made under the constant supervision of the best Swedish specialists. AG-CLSA
AG-NLSA are the highest quality LED screens used by professional TV teams and media agencies. Their high quality and durability make them suitable for use in TV studios. The t+ LEDs in these screens are manufactured by the companies Nichia and Cree and are the best in the world. AG-NLSA
Professional Led Screens
Screen types
All our LED screens are manufactured using the highest quality components specially designed and manufactured for us.

LED SCREEN ADVERTISING is pleased to offer the following pixel pitch screens:
P25 Vi 12.5mm
Screens cover surfaces from 25m². The most often purchased screen size is 28m² (close to picture format 16:9). These energy-efficient products are available at a low price.
P20 Vi 10mm
Most often, they can be seen on streets and junctions. Advertisements are displayed in high definition, with best quality of the picture achieved on surfaces larger than 14 m².
P16 Vi 8mm
Screens are the best choice for those looking for good value for money. Excellent results can be obtained from screen size over 8 m².
P12 Vi 6mm
Screens offer the highest resolution and therefore perfect uniform images. The ‘VI’ technology allows the image to be displayed in 6 mm pixels, which enhances its quality.

If you required different type of pitch size screen, contact us direct to discuss.
AG Slim
The world’s thinnest screen - Arakel Group’s AGSLIM ‘1cm’ screen
AG SLIM screens - specification
  • Integrated case with output and input signal receivers.
  • Canvas made by high quality weather-proof materials.
  • Super – elastic profiled LED stripes.
AG SLIM Features
  • Ultra thin – only 10 mm thick (1600 mm thinner than traditional screens).
  • Extra light – weighs only 20kg/m² (40kg lighter than traditional screens).
  • Flexible and transparent – the screen can be rolled and used as a curtain. Its shape can be adjusted accordingly to meet the needs of our clients.
  • Fully resistant to UV radiation, shocks, water, high and low temperature (operational in temperature range 0°C to +380°C). Energy-efficient, it does not require fans or other cooling systems.
  • Simple installation process – easy to unfold and hang.
  • Excellent quality of the transmitted image.
  • Compatible with the software packages LEDManager, LEDStudio and WAVE Manager.
Why are AG SLIM LED screens the right choice for your business?
  • AGSLIM LED screens can be used indoors as well as outdoors – in any weather conditions.
  • The simple and easy installation process reduces installation cost by 90% as no special scaffolds are required.
  • Extra thin and light, AGSLIM screens can easily be transported to site. They are also particularly suitable for mobile LED advertising.
AGSLIM LED screens can be used anywhere depending on client’s ideas and requirements. Fully water-resistant, they are suitable for use even in fountains and waterfalls (water resistance class IP68). They are currently the most innovative product on the world market.
Certificates and Attests

All products offered by LED SCREEN ADVERTISING hold all necessary attestations and certificates.

All materials used in production are legal and comply with ISO9000 and standards IEC 62321,Ed.1,EN 1122: 2001, EPA3450,3550,3060A, EN55013:2001+A1:2003+A2:2006, EN55020:2002+A1:2003+A2:2005, EN61000-3-2:2006,EN61000-3-3:1995+A1:2001+A2:2005.

All products are compatible with IP65 and IP54.

Screens are tested in t temperatures ranging from-50 till +95 C